About Us

We are the leading and largest supplier of refrigeration and air conditioning systems and their accessories in the Baltic States, founded in 2005.

Our branches operate in Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine. Our group of companies employs more than 50 highly skilled professionals.



 The primary activity of the Company is the wholesale trade in air conditioning systems and their accessories, components, heat exchangers, solder metals, compressors and other devices. We are probably the only company in North and Central Europe to offer a full range of refrigerants (freons) in a variety of packages: from 420 grams to 20,000 kilograms.

The Company sells more than 1200 megatons of freon per year. Our products are used by companies known throughout the world, such as Deutsche Bahn, Vaillant, etc.

BRGroup also offers environmentally friendly services. We are the only ones who carry out the regeneration of freons in the Baltic States. With the use of gas chromatography an applying the Karl Fischer method, we can determine the chemical composition and moisture content of refrigerants.





 Innovativeness - Using good practices of other countries, we strive to develop and expand the range of innovative services. We focus on designing and promoting environmentally friendly and customer friendly services. We seek to ensure that our products are up-to-date and meet all modern standards.

Integrity - We adhere to the highest ethical standards in our work. We respect the laws and culture of the countries we operate in. We strive to be a reliable, long-term business partner delivering top-quality products and responsibly assessing the interests and expectations of our partners and employees.

Professionalism - Our Company employs professionals from various fields: managers, technicians, logistics specialists, etc. We seek to create the necessary conditions for each worker in order to help to achieve professional and personal development. Therefore, our customers can be sure that the services provided meet the highest standards.



 The main criterion determining the satisfaction of our customers as well as the success of the Company is a variety of services, equipment and tools necessary for successful cooling operation. The branches of our Company, operating in 4 countries, offer our customers a possibility to quickly choose and buy the required items at their convenience.

Based on the experience of many years and the customer needs, we have created and introduced three different products into the market: Baltic Oils, Baltic Fit, and Baltic Gas.



 Development of a range of environmentally-friendly services and supply of products that meet the highest technological standards;

  • Introduction of products that increase the productivity of customers and contribute to the growth of their profitability;
  • Focus on maintaining and establishment of long-term relationships with the customers.


"In a world dominated by a variety of products and services, we aim to offer our customers only modern and efficient cooling solutions."