Air Conditioners

Conditioners are divided into two types: commercial and household conditioners. Commercial conditioners are usually used in restaurants, banks, shops, offices and other premises designed for work. Household conditioners are used in residential buildings, where it is necessary to create a comfortable environment, maintain a constant temperature of the air and ensure good well-being even on the hottest days.

We sell air conditions manufactured by the manufacturer Sinclair which has many years’ manufacturing traditions. The company, based in England, focuses on product development, their testing, continuous upgrading and innovation.

"NØRDIS" air conditioners - air-to-air heat pumps:


Split-type inverter air conditioners:

NØRDIS NOVA air conditioner.

NØRDIS ORION PRO air conditioner.

NØRDIS ALTAIR PLUS air conditioner.

NØRDIS SIRIUS air conditioner.


Multi-Split system air conditioners:

NØRDIS ORION Multi Split air conditioning system.

In our range, you can find the following types of Sinclair air conditioners: wall, cassette, console, duct, mobile, multi-split system conditioners and conditioners designed for tourist transport.

How to choose an air conditioner

One of the main criteria to consider when selecting an air conditioner is its power. No less important is the size of the premises the unit is to be installed. It is also important to think about the amount of sunlight entering the room and the air temperature necessary to maintain. These parameters will facilitate your search and make it easier to choose an air conditioner from the available options.
It is important to keep in mind the other parameters of other devices as well: the noise level, the air flow, the external dimensions, etc. Choose only such air conditioners whose operating principles and features actually meet the established requirements.

Maintenance of conditioning systems

The functionality of an air conditioner and its long service life depend on the proper maintenance of the device and the smooth running of the electronics. It is critical that the coolant is regularly filled. It is also necessary to ensure that all dirt and dust are removed from the condensate tube and internal and external units in a timely manner. We recommend that you perform a technical testing every spring before the start of a new cooling season.


Wall air conditioners are among the most popular due to their versatility, power range and other additional features that make these allow to fit air conditioners in different rooms. Some of the main advantages of these air conditioners are their extensive range, low noise level and relatively low price. For these reasons, wall air conditioners are often mounted in small rooms: in apartments, stores or offices.
An air conditioner of this type consists of two units: internal and external. The internal unit of the air conditioner is mounted on the wall, while the external unit is mounted on the outside of the room (on the roof, on the outside walls, in the balcony, etc.). Wall air conditioners are often characterised by cooling, heating, filtering, drying and ventilation functions. The remote control allows o control the temperature, operating time, and choose the desired operation mode.

The internal unit consists of:

A fan
An evaporator
A control panel

The external unit consists of:

A condenser
A compressor

The external unit can be installed outside or in a well-ventilated room. For mounting, special supports are often used that allow mounting the unit to walls, roof, slope, or another appropriate place.
If you need, you can buy special holders with rails, assemblies for the mounting on ceilings, roofs and slopes, etc.