Filling, Drawing-Off and Restoring Equipment



We offer different types of weighing scales for measuring the weight of refrigerants.
Wireless scales allow you to plan the amount of refrigerant and signal the user in order to inform that the refilling is complete and the freon supply can be switched off.
For those who often need to refill the refrigeration agent, we suggest trying one of the most advanced "Mastercool ACCU-CHARGE II" or "Mastercool ACCU-CHARGE III” scales. The scales made from a robust aluminium alloy body not only let you control the filling of the refrigeration agent but also simplify the process by informing the user of the amount of the residual freezing agent in the container.


You can also buy electrical belts and selenoid scales from us.


In order to facilitate the process of pumping-out, recirculation and filling process, it is necessary to use the efficient equipment. The features on the device facilitate the process and provide additional features.

Pumping-out / recirculation / filling

• Software: a database of more than 100 models of automotive refrigerants and lubricants
• Automatic filling / recirculation / pumping-out
• Automatic release of spent oil
• Automatic pressure control
• Automatic warming of the cylinder
• Warning signals - high pressure, full cylinder, empty cylinder
• Failure, filter replacement signals
• LED display

Mobile filling stations

• Lightweight, steel castor stand on wheels and convenient storage shelf for filling hoses - allows you to use the filling station anywhere;
• Dimensions: 114 cm x 46 cm x 42 cm or 66 cm x 43 cm x 33 cm
• Aluminium collector
• Large 80 mm manometer for reading pressure and temperature
• Scales for the maximum weight of 109 kg
• 9V battery (60 hours)
• Rotary vacuum pumps (35lit/min; 119lit/min; 178lit/min)
• Three 180cm filling hoses

Pumping-out station (with oil separator)

• A reciprocating compressor, consuming less oil
• Protection against overpressure
• Simple construction - easy to use
• Used with all refrigerants, including R410A
• Protection by control knobs

Pumping-out station (with lubricant-free compressor)

• These pumping stations are compact, lightweight and work with all CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants
• Maximum cooling efficiency
• The compressor works even in the hottest climates
• The compressor is protected by an automatic low-pressure cut-off switch, which switches off when the suction is complete
• The automatic shut-off switch eliminates the risk of the compressor failure and controls the entire suction system
• All suction systems have gauges for pressure monitoring
For your convenience, we also offer to purchase other equipment and instruments for refrigeration and air conditioning systems: press tools, expansion joints, tools for pipes, gaskets, etc.