The two-way digital collectors produced by Mastercool are one of the most modern and user-friendly digital collectors currently on the market. All information is provided on an easily readable LCD screen. The system includes information on more than 60 refrigerants: it shows the pressure and the actual and overheating temperatures.

Aiming to ensure long-term operation and durability, the collector body is made of an ABS material and protected with a rubber coating. Due to their functionality and precision, these collectors are world-renowned and widely used tools for professionals.

Using the experience gained in the development of two-direction digital collectors, Mastercool has developed a four-direction model. Not only does it offer 4 valves, but it also allows for many interactive computer features, including 24-hour data logging.


You can choose the following collector models: digital, with one or more gauges.


Upon request, you can purchase additional parts for collectors: handles, overheating sensors, vacuum sensors, safety covers, collector tees, etc.



One of the central devices in the HVAC systems is the collector, which is also the essential tool that every refrigeration system specialist must have. Collectors are used to determining the gas pressure in the air conditioning or refrigeration system as well as the vacuum pressure. The main difference between collectors is the number of manometers and the type of refrigerants. All this is very important, especially when working with different types of refrigerants.

We offer a range of manometers of various sizes and designs designed different refrigerants. You can choose from a wide range of manometers with a diameter of 63 to 80 mm. All Mastercool collectors are designed with the “Anti Flutter” function, which reduces the needle fluctuations and increases the accuracy of data.