Axial fans are used with relatively high airflow and low pressure. These fans also have low power consumption.

Axial fans are usually chosen for extraction or cooling when air resistance predominates. Therefore, this type of fans is widely used for cooling condensers located in refrigeration systems.
It is important to consider whether the device you are using requires high amounts of air and low pressure or high pressure and low air content. And these are just some of the aspects you need to consider in order to choose a fan correctly.

It is also important to pay attention to the following factors:

• excessive air density
• air temperature
• humidity

Before designing the ventilation system, it is necessary to consider not only the total price but also the final design and operating costs. It is important to consider the circumstances in which the fan will be used and the different air movement characteristics typical for cooling, ventilation, drying, aeration, etc. Only upon the assessment of all factors (resistance to air flow, energy units, size, space), it is possible to ensure the efficiency and reliability of both the fan and the corresponding equipment.

We offer axial suction and blow fans of different parameters (diameter, flow type, air volume, etc.), which have the following characteristics:

• Steel wrenches
• Casted aluminium casing
• 5 blades
• Continuous operation mode (s1)
• Safety type: ip54, etc.

Safety programs:

• Motor current limitation
• Rotor protection
• Thermal protection
• Equipment phase fault detection