Diagnostic Devices for Air Conditioning Systems



The identification of problems related to a cooling system due to its complexity often challenges even experienced professionals, and therefore it is essential to have additional diagnostic tools. The new analyser of the Mastercool A/C system not only records critical issues but also diagnoses minor system errors. Therefore, the problem analysis process will become much faster and more accurate. The device records overheating and freezing, temperature differences, relative humidity of the air, dry/wet thermometer temperature, etc. You can download the obtained data to your electronic media and save it as a source of information for the future.


We can also offer diagnostic tools for other cooling systems: nitrogen pressure reducers, freezing/overheating meters, humidity gauges, psychrometers, sound meters, tester, analysers, etc.



With the help of infrared rays and dual laser technology, it is possible to measure and safely control hot, hazardous or hard-to-reach materials.
We offer improved “Mastercool” infrared thermometers with LCD lighting, elevated temperature range and compact design.
Laser thermometers have properties of both infrared and contact thermometers. The recording of temperature by these thermometers is assisted by the “HI / LO” and “Lock Mode” programs. The built-in K-Type slot offers additional contact features. Built-in LEDs illuminate the measured area.


We also offer manometric, digital pocket, waterproof, digital laser thermometers and their sensors.


Determining the refrigerant leak can often be a challenge as these volatile gases do not smell and are not visible. In order to detect leakage in a timely manner and avoid the non-efficient operation of the system, it is important to use professional leak detection tools.
We offer all tools necessary for detecting the leakage of refrigerants: from individual parts to different sets of assemblies.
Our customers can purchase kits with all the necessary leak detection devices: LED bulb (220V charger) or a high-intensity mini-lamp with a replaceable battery, 60ml reusable toner supplement devices, 60ml concentrated A/C fluorescent ink, 120ml detergent, UV protective goggles, etc.


We can also offer other tools necessary for qualitative testing of freon leakage: a rechargeable UV lamp (12V, 17V), a UV lamp with glasses (12V/50W, 12V/100W), UV paint; lubricant/paint filler tools, paint detergents, etc.