The exceptional partnership with SANHUA, a premier manufacturer of HVAC controls and components, empowers BRGroup's clients to offer cutting-edge products that leverage the latest technological advancements in the advanced air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating industry.

Wide Application Range, Easy Installation And Efficient Maintenance

Valves and coils

SANHUA non-return valves are meticulously crafted for incorporation into commercial refrigeration systems as well as residential or industrial air conditioning and heating devices (such as heat pumps). These valves play a pivotal role in regulating refrigerant flow and facilitating seamless transitions between cooling and heating modes by intelligently redirecting the path of refrigerant circulation.


SANHUA's DTG series filters find their application in refrigeration systems with unidirectional flow, while the STG series serves systems with bidirectional flow. These filters are adept at absorbing moisture, neutralizing acids, and purging impurities within the system.

The housing filter acts as a vital drier, effectively employed in both the liquid and suction lines of refrigeration and air conditioning setups.

Sight Glass

Sight Glass is designed to observe changes in refrigerant properties in a refrigeration system (both liquid and gaseous). Applicable with all common HCFC, HFC, HFO refrigerants: Eg: R22, R134a, R404A, R410A, R507, 407C, R407A / F, R448A / R449A, R452A, R450A / R513A.

Pressure sensors

Pressure sensors are used in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems. Pressure sensors allow you to control and guarantee the operation of the system in safe and stable conditions.

Pressure Switch

Pressure Switches serve a crucial role within refrigeration and air conditioning systems, safeguarding these systems against excessively low intake pressures and exceedingly high discharge pressures. Additionally, pressure regulators play a pivotal part in initiating or halting refrigeration compressors and air-cooled condenser fans. Their function extends to overseeing various system components that necessitate precise pressure control functionality.




Component Selection Program

Introducing Sanhua's cutting-edge utility - the QuickFinder component selection program, streamlining the process of ordering essential components you require. This user-friendly program is open to all, requiring no registration for access.

Visit the online component selector at Alternatively, you can locate it on the Sanhua website by clicking on "Select a product here" within the "Technical Info" section.

How QuickFinder Component Selector Operates:

This innovative tool operates by factoring in user-provided data and/or standard operating conditions prevalent in typical refrigeration and air conditioning systems. With the input data, the tool meticulously calculates and proposes the appropriate component, alongside its comprehensive technical specifications.